Presenting energy-efficient and essentially silent range of air conditioning and ventilation products for commercial, industrial and residential applications. These products are bound to provide the inside conditions, just perfect to suit your facility's needs.

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These units are highly engineered, effectively designed, thoughtfully manufactured and thoroughly tested evaporative-cooling devices, that are crafted to provide an efficient means of cooling at the least of expense. Designed for compactness and rigid construction, these units are just ideal for any type of residential as well as commercial structures.  
RANGE : 2000 CFM to 60000 CFM. 
FRAME : Extruded Aluminum profile and 3D nylon corners etc.
BASE  : Heavy gauge base frame with cast Al corners.  
CASING : 23 ± 2 mm thick, double skin panels made of 0.6 mm sheets with Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) of density 38 ± 2 kg/cu.m injected between the two skins.  
COOLING PADS   : Cellulose paper pad 200 mm thick.  
FILTERS : Synthetic, cleanable pre filters. 
BLOWERS   : AMCA certified DIDW type, centrifugal blowers, Common-rail base for blower-motor assembly on vibration isolation pads.  
MOTORS : TEFC type, Three phase motors of standard make. 
MOTOR STAND   : Adjustable motor-mounting fixture.  
PULLEYS : Adjustable Taper-Bush type pulleys.  
PUMPS : Monoblock / Submersible pumps of standard make.  
SUMP : GSS tank with socket connections for water-in, overflow and drain complete with ball-cock valve etc.  
CANVAS CONNECTION : Flexible connection to isolate blower from unit body.
DOUBLE SKIN CASING :  Higher efficiency and low noise.  
VIBRATION ISOLATORS :  The units are provided with blower-motor assembly mounted on vibration isolators to make the units vibration free.  
VIEW PORT :  Viewing glass is provided for easier inspection without opening the door.  
GASKET SEALED PANELS   :  Low leakage and quiet operation is ensured by using high quality gasket to seal the panels, doors etc.  
ADJUSTABLE MOTOR STAND :  The belt tension can be easily adjusted by screwing or unscrewing the bolt provided on the motor stand.  
FLEXIBLE CONNECTION :  High quality canvas connections prevent vibrations to be carried over From the blower to the unit body.  
ADJUSTABLE DRIVE SET :  Taper lock system in pulleys impart easier fitment and maintenance capabilities to the them.  
APPLICATIONS :  Hotel rooms, Malls, Shopping plazas, Restaurants, Offices, Clubs, Banks, Hospitals etc.
OPTIONAL :  S.S. Drain pan, GSS finish / S.S. / Powder Coated casing.