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AIREF Standered CHILLERS are designed and fabricated as per good engineering practice. However for special requirement, chillers can be designed and manufactured. Multiple refrigerant circuits and pass arrangement permit a wide range of chiller application. Removable refrigerant heads permit easy access to tubes for routine inspection. Baffle spacing are selected to produce the most efficient heat transfer for all water flow rates. Suitable for Refrigerant -12, 22,500&502.  
RANGE : 5TR to 120TR.
SHELL : Standard ERW pipes / shells rolled from quality steel plates.
TUBES   : Plain Copper tubes (20 / 21 gauge) are expanded into tubes sheets holes.  
TUBE SHEET : Steel plants with adequate thickness for strength and proper expansion of tubes.  
HEAD : Steel fabricated heats are provided with multipass arrangement on refrigerant side.  
REFRIGERANT CONNECTIONS   : Inlet and outlet connections are provided (socket / pipe).  
FINISH : After proper cleaning Chillers are painted with two coats red-oxide.
PRESSURE TESTING   : Chillers are tested for 17 kg/ Pneumatic on tube side and 17kg/ Hydraulic pressure on shell side.  
CAPACITIES BASED ON :  1 Ton = 12,000 Btu / Hr. (3,000 / hr) cooling water from 53F (11.6C) to 45F (7.2C). R-22 @ 35F (17-C) Evap. Temp..
SPECIAL CHILLERS :  For special requirements chillers with Carbon steel tubes, S.S. tubes, Brass tubes can be supplied.  
Airref Standard condensers are designed and fabricated as per good engineering practices. However for special requirements, condensers can be designed and manufactured. 
RANGE : 3TR to 150TR.  
SHELL  :  ERW Carbon steel pipe or rolled from carbon steel plate.   
TUBES   :  Copper tubes integrally finned (19/26 FPI).Tubes are roller expanded into tube sheet holes.  
TUBE SHEETS  :  Carbon steel plates with adequate thickness for  
    strength and proper expansion of tubes.   
WATER HEADS (End Cover)  :  Steel fabricated covers are designed with multipass arrangement. 
REFRIGERANT CONNECTIONS  :  Sockets/Pipes(heavy). 
PIANTING  :  After proper cleaning, condensers are painted with two coats of red oxide. 
PRESSURE TESTING  :  Condensers are tested at 150 psi on tube side and 300 psi on shell side(Pneumatically). 
SPECIAL CONDENSERS  :  For special requirements, condensers with bare carbon steel tubes,S.S.Tubes,Brass tubes can be supplied.Condeners with multipass other than specified can be supplied as per requirement on request. 
Heat rejection per TR  :  3780 Kcal/hr 
Condensing Temp.   :  42.2 deg.C 
Water Inlet Temp  :  32.2 deg.C 
Water Outlet Temp.   :  36.4 deg.C 
Water Flow rate   :  15.14 LPM/TR 
Fouling factor   :  0.001