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Ceiling suspended fan-coil units are low-static units, manufactured specifically for applications such as hotel rooms, studios etc., where quiet operation is coupled with optimum air-flow to ensure efficient comfort conditioning. Available in variants with or without the filter box, these units are the perfect choice for exposed type of air management systems. Designed to perform at very low decibel levels, the fan coil units also combine the efficient operation with easy maintenance capabilities to emerge as an overall perfect solution to the rising mercury.  
RANGE : 400 CFM to 1200 CFM. 
CASING : Single skin unit made of high polymer, polyester coated galvanized sheet steel with protection film.
COOLING COILS  : Chilled water type / DX type with Copper pipe and Aluminum fins, Water IN/OUT Ø 5/8” flare nut connections.  
BLOWERS : Aluminum, DIDW type, forward curved, centrifugal. 
MOTORS   : ISI marked, single phase, split capacitor type, 3 speeds.  
FILTERS : Synthetic, cleanable pre filters. 
DRAIN PAN   : Dual pan with sandwiched insulation. 
MOUNTING : Hanging brackets with rubber grommets. 
EXTENDED TRAY   : GSS tray sloped towards the drain pan. 
LOW HEIGHT :  To ensure easier accommodation into areas with space constraints, generally above the false ceiling.  
COATED GSS CASING :  Anti-corrosive body for higher durability and longer life. 
GASKET SEAL :  Low leakage and quiet operation is ensured by using high quality gasket to seal the coil section from the fan section of the unit.  
DUAL DRAIN PAN :  Ensures that there is no condensate developing on the unit body. 
EXTENDED TRAY  :  An extension of drain pan is provided to collect the condensate developing on valves/pipes etc.  
STANDARD FAN BOARD :  The blowers-motor assembly is mounted on the fan board punched on CNC machines for inter-changeabilty.  
REMOVABLE FILTERS :  The filters are quick-openable for cleaning purposes. 
APPLICATIONS :  Hotel rooms, Malls, Shopping plazas, Restaurants, Offices, Clubs, Banks, Hospitals etc.
OPTIONAL :  S.S. Drain pan, GSS finish / S.S. / Powder Coated casing.