Airef Engineers



The ever growing demand for an all-in-one intelligent AHU that can take care of air conditioning as well as ventilation requirements of a facility is answered by Cleanse, our flagship product. Cleanse is a series of smart, packaged AHU that boasts of hygienic construction and is perfectly suitable for facilities such as operation theatres, pharmaceutical clean rooms, food production units, labs and ICUs etc. The use of highly efficient heat recovery wheel for higher ventilation processes makes these AHUs energy efficient. The smart controller is developed by our team of automation engineers to provide user friendly and flexible interface to use the unit as per customers’ requirements.

Airef Engineers

RANGE: 2000 CFM to 4000 CFM


a. EC fans with integrated speed drive

b. Cleanable synthetic filters (G4+F7 grade)

c. Use of low leakage motorised dampers for precise results

d. Total (Latent+Sensible) recovery wheel (Efficiency upto 80%)

d. Smart Controller (iCon) for easy bridging between user and unit


Operation theatres, ICUs, Food industries, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical and other Clean rooms etc.


a. UVGI lamps

b. Stainless steel / Aluminium inner surface