Airef Engineers



In modern buildings, it is of utmost importance to maintain sufficient levels of indoor air quality in addition to maintaining the temperature and RH conditions. This requires ventilation of conditioned spaces, and is best achieved with the use of Ervent series of energy-recovery ventilators (ERV), where ventilation is combined with the use of energy recovery wheels to minimise the impact on energy consumption of the building’s air conditioning system. This combined with the use of EC-fans makes Ervent the most efficient solution for all IAQ related problems.

Airef Engineers

RANGE: 2000 CFM to 6000 CFM


a. EC fans with integrated speed drive

b. Cleanable synthetic filters (G4+F7 grade)

c. Total (Latent+Sensible) recovery wheel (Efficiency upto 80%)


Hospitals, Food industries, Hotels, Shopping malls, Office buildings, Laboratories, Clean rooms etc.


Intelligent controls

Stainless steel / Aluminium inner surface