Airef Engineers



As an extension to direct evaporative coolers, Airef has recently rolled out a series of Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) units for applications where adiabatic cooling needs to be carried out without addition of excessive moisture in the supply air stream. The units use a specially developed heat-mass exchanger for indirect evaporation and cellulose media for direct evaporation processes. The use of plug fans & optional VFDs makes these units suitable to work with varying ambient conditions.

Airef Engineers

RANGE: 6000 CFM to 16000 CFM


a. Double skin casing for low heat transfer into the atmosphere

b. Stainless water sump

c. Washable synthetic filters

d. High efficiency heat-mass exchanger


Warehouses, poultry farms, greenhouses, generator rooms, schools, commercial kitchens, storage halls, production and assembly areas etc.


a. Factory-fitted volume control damper

b. 45 mm thick casing in thermal break mainframe