Airef Engineers



Airef manufactures horizontal wet type air scrubbing units in the form of series called Wetjet, used mainly in the applications where the exhaust air stream has to be treated before being expelled to the atmosphere. In wet type scrubbers, the air is passed through a series of spray banks, and eventually through drift/mist eliminators to expel clean, mist-free air to the atmosphere. SISW centrifugal plug fans are used to draw the air, and the encapsulated motor stays out of the air stream.

Airef Engineers

RANGE: 2000 CFM to 16000 CFM


a. Double skin casing in extruded Aluminium mainframe

b. Encapsulated motor, out of the air stream

c. Suitable for high temp applications

d. Corrosion free PVC piping and nozzles (easily replaceable)

d. Direct driven fans for high efficiency


Commercial kitchens, furnace exhausts, welding areas, dust producing areas etc.


Additional filter plenum

Additional impingement plates for higher efficiency of scrubbing