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Formed in 1982, Airef specializes in bespoke air handling units supported by intelligent controls and a comprehensive design, service and aftersales services.

At Airef we believe that clean, temperature-optimized air supply is the key to healthy, productive living and working environments. We are passionate about what we do and in a world where often the focus is on getting the job done quickly and efficiently, we prefer building long-term relationships and working with our customers to design, build, install and maintain the best possible solution for their project.

We firmly believe that our industry must play its part in providing energy efficient solutions to make this planet a better place to live.

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1. Experience and reputation: We are a reputable AHU manufacturer with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service. We have many years of experience in the industry, and a reputation for delivering reliable and efficient systems.
2. Product quality: We offer products with unmatched quality, including the materials used, the construction methods, and the performance of the AHUs. Our uniyts are known for high-quality components and robust construction, that are designed to last.
3. Energy efficiency: Our systems are designed to minimize energy waste and maximize energy efficiency, helping to reduce operating costs over the long term.
4. Customization options: We understand that different buildings have different HVAC needs, so we offer a range of customization options to meet your specific requirements.
5. Technical support and service: Airef offers excellent technical support and after-sales service, including maintenance, repair, and replacement services. We respond quickly to your needs and provide the support you need to keep your systems running smoothly.





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Founded upon a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, our air handling units (AHUs) provide precision solutions for leading organizations and critical applications worldwide. Our air handling units serve a range of customers for versatile applications across healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, data center, retail and commercial establishments.

Our Professionals

Innovation and R & D

We invest heavily in R&D and support our commitment to innovation. Great ideas require intensive research and development by people who believe in constant improvement.

Our team of highly skilled engineers are always finding new ways to improve our machines. They have the ability to approach new challenges from all angles, and design AHUs and Heat Recovery units that achieve optimum performance.

We encourage our designers to come up with innovative ideas that minimize operational costs and maximize performance keeping the future in mind.


Our gutter protection simply works better than any other product.


Perfect skill protection simply works better than any other product.

AIREF – who we work with

Here’s a selection of customers we work with including companies, consultants and end users.

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We’re a Company up to the Challenge

Apart from the application-specific, typical AHUS, Airef manufactures made-to-order air handling units for specific requirements. There is a wide array of modules available to be arranged in logical sequences to design the units as per project's requirements.

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